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‘Our outstanding nursery school offers free 15 hour places 'for all 3 and 4 year olds' and 30 hour places for working parents’. Please contact the Nursery School 0151 233 4594 or for 2 year olds the Childcare Centre 0151 256 5683
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Remote Learning

EYFSHome learning 


All the activities at are designed to support the development of children  between ages 3-5 years old and follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The activities help children play, have fun and develop key skills. 


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It is important to recognise that yours, and your child's, emotional and mental well-being are paramount, especially during this unprecedented time of social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown. If you need a pyjama day with movies and treats, have one! If you need to spend the day in the garden because you're all climbing the walls, do it!

We will be updating this page regularly with ideas and home learning suggestions but please remember that they are just that, suggestions. Keep home learning fun and remember that the EYFS is a play based curriculum so if you're playing your child is learning! 


How to help young children learn at home


You can help your child to learn through the little things you do with them, for example:

  • everyday conversations
  • make-believe play
  • games with numbers or letters
  • reading together
  • involving them in the things you are doing, such as household chores, and talking with them about it

Find ideas for new things you can try at Hungry Little Minds -


You do not need to set separate time or plan complicated activities dedicated to learning. These activities can be incorporated into everyday life and play.

You know your child best. Avoid forcing them into lengthy planned activities if they naturally respond better to a mix of shorter activities. This can stop them getting bored or frustrated and keep them active, interested and learning through things they enjoy.


Keeping a routine


Do not worry about trying to keep to the full routine that your child has in school. But children will feel more comfortable with a predictable routine, so try to make sure they:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • have regular meal times
  • turn off any electronic devices, including the TV, at least an hour before bedtime


Keeping active


Young children should be active for at least 3 hours a day in total.

It is also good to get some fresh air every day. If you do not have a garden and are taking children outside to exercise, make sure you follow the rules on social distancing.

While inside, there are plenty of things you can do to keep children active, such as:

  • playing hide-and-seek
  • seeing who can do the most star jumps
  • making an obstacle course
  • playing music and having a dance-off


Television and using digital devices


There are lots of ways to help your child learn such as reading together and make-believe play. You can also use what children have watched on television or the internet to help their learning. Talk with them about what they are watching or use their favourite TV characters in other games and activities.

Digital devices such as a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone can help some children learn. If your child does use them, try downloading some apps that will help them learn.

Too much screen time can cause problems for children when it comes to sleep, attention span and energy levels. However, screen time can also be a positive influence, especially when it’s active and educational We aim to ensure your child experiences the best of both worlds, with a good mix of activities and online learning. Please remember to limit the amount of time your child is spending on devices.


Set age-appropriate parental controls on any devices young children are using and supervise their use of websites and apps. See advice on keeping children safe online.


Socialising while social distancing


Spending time with other children is important for your child’s development, but at the moment it is important they stay at home. It will help them if everyone in the home talks with them through the day, responding to them and being led by the things they are interested in.

 If you can, try a video call with other children. Younger children may not have a conversation as you would, but they can share activities or show each other things they have made or like.

Try a call with other people that your child knows, such as grandparents.

Sit and do the call with them to help. Not all children will like it, so try again another time or have a call with family members while you are sitting down and eating a meal.

Try sitting with your child and looking at pictures of their friends or family. Talk about them and the things you have done together.


Staff will use OurSchoolApp, Ellergreen Nursery School and Childcare Centre website and Tapestry to set work for your child.  You will be able to log into Tapestry and support your child’s learning using the activities provided.  Families can take photographs or write comments and upload them onto Tapestry.  Staff can then respond to your child’s work and this also keeps a good link between home and school.  We love seeing what your child has been working on!


Have fun and keep safe.


Celebration of children's home learning!

Additional Websites


Twinkl have provided lots of resources for free,  for you to keep your children busy and educated at the same time. Please click on the link below:


Tiny Happy People is here to help you develop your child's communication skills. Explore simple activities and play ideas and find out about their amazing early development.


Please click on the link below:


As we are currently unable to change our reading books, we would like you to join the Oxford Owl website which has lots of free books for you to read.  It is important that you share a book every day with your child. 

Please click on the following link to access the website:


Sharing books, reading to and with you child is one of the easiest and most important things that you can do with them at home.


During school closures all children’s audiobooks are free. There is a ‘little learners section’. Children will need a supporting adult to access this content.


Dance, sing and play games with Boogie Beebies. Join along with all the actions to different dances from jazz, disco to even Bollywood style.


We will be updating the video resource centre daily. Staff from the Ellergreen team will be reading a story for you and your child to enjoy. Please upload videos of you reading with your child at home onto tapestry!