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‘Our outstanding nursery school offers free 15 hour places 'for all 3 and 4 year olds' and 30 hour places for working parents’. Please contact the Nursery School 0151 233 4594 or for 2 year olds the Childcare Centre 0151 256 5683
Ellergreen Nursery School & Chilcare Centre

Broadening Horizons. Brightening Futures

Active Learning

Children participate in daily routines and can even communicate their wants through routined behaviour, such as sitting at the table for snack. They begin to predict sequences within their day, such as putting on their coats and then lining up, which is an integral skill to helping children develop independence and self-confidence. Children show goal-directed behaviour and need to have opportunities and resources to encourage them to 'have a go' independently. This is when we step back and observe our children's amazing ingenuity and imagination emerge.

Through such opportunities the children learn to keep on trying when things get difficult and begin to overcome challenges without adult support. 


Development Matters 2021