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‘Our outstanding nursery school offers free 15 hour places 'for all 3 and 4 year olds' and 30 hour places for working parents’. Please contact the Nursery School 0151 233 4594 or for 2 year olds the Childcare Centre 0151 256 5683
Ellergreen Nursery School & Chilcare Centre

Broadening Horizons. Brightening Futures

Playing and Exploring

Through play and exploration, children become aware that their actions have an effect on the world, so want to repeat them. They begin to 'plan and think ahead about how they explore or play and will begin to guide their own thinking and actions', in order to meet their desired goal. At Ellergreen we build a significant portion of our curriculum around the children's interests and fascinations, which helps to develop their learning and promote a desire to explore and practise their evolving skills. Children will then become more receptive and responsive to new experiences that are introduced through focused activities and an enriched play environment. 


Development Matters 2021