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Our learning environment
  • General Information

    We plan a broad range of opportunities for all our children.


    'Staff make full use of their deep knowledge of nursery education to teach a wide range of interesting activities.  They give children excellent help to explore, to think and to question'.


    'The outstanding quality of teaching, the superb resources, displays and classrooms, as well as the excellent relationships between children and staff, all make a huge difference to children's learning.  By the time that they leave school, children have made excellent progress from their starting points'. (Ofsted Dec 2015)


    We have selected a range of images to give a snap shot of our rich indoor and outdoor learning environment.





  • Becoming independent learners

    Our learning environment is carefully planned to enable children to become positive and independent learners and to ensure that all children are able to reach their full potential.


    'Staff give an excellent emphasis to children's personal and physical development, as well as to their communication and language.  This leads to children rapidly developing the emotions, self-belief and talking skills that they need.  By the time they move to primary school, children are well prepared for learning in Reception Class'. (Ofsted Dec 15).


    Mark making and music area




    Our creative workshop



  • Class organisation

    High quality resources are well organised within labelled boxes on open shelves in defined learning areas. Staff enhance these areas on a daily basis to meet the needs of all the children in their class.


    'The quality of resources and displays across the school and the organisation of classrooms to promote learning is excellent.  This means that children spend their time in calm spaces which are very attractive and cared for.  At numerous times during the inspection, children were deeply involved in their play and activities, supported very well by staff and not distracted by other children.  Across activities they show high levels of care and consideration for their classmates'. (Ofsted Dec 15)





  • A balanced and rich curriculum

    The love of learning is promoted through the creation of a stimulating and exciting learning environment for children to explore and investigate and make links in their learning. We acknowledge that some children are more comfortable to learn outdoors and others indoors so we provide a balance of rich learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.


    'The curriculum is exciting and very well planned.  Children benefit greatly from memorable experiences, including school trips, meeting school visitors and being introduced to different animals.  Activities at school have a very positive impact on children's learning, including opportunities to explore, explain their ideas and solve practical problems'. (Ofsted Dec 15).









  • High expectations for all

    We set high expectation for all our children. An example of this is when each child arrives into class they are supported to put their own name card on the self register board. This exposes each child to their name, the letters in their name and the names of their friends.


    'During the inspection, HMI observed a teacher taking every opportunity to support children at whole-class time to practise their counting and their recognition of numbers.  As a result, children made rapid progress with their mathematics skills'. (Ofsted Dec 15).



  • Working together

    The children come together at different times of the day in their own class to engage in a wide range of different focus activities such as sharing a whole class story, contributing their ideas and thoughts and to sing songs and rhymes.

    The children have the opportunity twice a week to move between the three classes.

    As a class the children access physical activities with Chloe from Progressive Sports and Yoga sessions with Debbie from Yogasteps in the hall.


    'The behaviour of pupils is outstanding'. (Ofsted Dec 15)



  • Learning through meaningful contexts

    Children learn through playing imaginatively and re-enacting familiar experiences. We provide lots of different role play activities and resources to extend each child's learning.


    All our children have access to our Interactive screens, computers, iPods and iPads.







  • Outdoor experiences

    Our Outdoor area


    We have a large outdoor classroom and outdoor area which has been planned to ensure that all children are able to develop across the seven areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage.










  • Our Sensory room

    The sensory room


    We have a well resourced sensory room which the children are able to access on a weekly basis in small groups with one of the staff. This room enables children to explore using all their senses and provides lots of communication opportunities.