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Equal opportunities for all

In partnership with parent/carers, we aim to provide a safe, healthy, inclusive environment where all children irrespective of race, culture, religion, gender, or disability will find safety, dignity, and respect for themselves and others, their families and their traditions.

Our Equality of Opportunities procedures aim to counteract and eliminate both direct and indirect discrimination in decision making, employment practices and service provision and to ensure that our services strive to achieve equality of opportunity for all.

We are proactive in providing a welcoming and caring environment that promotes and reflects cultural and social diversity and is equally accessible to all. We endeavour to challenge any offensive behaviour, language or attitudes with regards to race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, culture, gender, language, sexual orientation and disability.

For further information view our 'Equality of Opportunities, Dealing with Racial Harassment, Anti-bullying and Special Educational Needs Policies in the Policies and Procedures section.



For Special Educational Needs Information about all the schools in Liverpool, please visit or click the following link:



Answers to questions you may have about the provision for children with Special Educational Needs (SENs) at Ellergreen Nursery School and Childcare Centre